Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tonight's run

3.25 miles
502 kCal

This run broke down like this: 10 minutes light run/warm-up.  then 5 rounds of 1 minute at 70% effort followed by 1 minute at a jog, then 10 minutes light run/cool-down.  The high school track has been closed for some absurd reason (everything they do is for some absurd reason), so I had to run at Brookhill, our tennis club.  I was asked to retrieve balls that had gone over the fence, the pavement was uncomfortable and uneven, and I had a generally unpleasant run.  Glad I got this one out of the way, but it was a pain in the ass.

See ya tomorrow.


Memphis St. Jude Marathon

Hi everyone.  I've lost my mind, apparently, b/c I signed up for the Memphis St. Jude Marathon in December.  I'm now just shy of 14 weeks out from race day, and my training program started Monday.  I ran 3 miles in about 33 minutes, which is slow, but it's hot and humid, and I haven't been running often, so it's ok.  Yesterday was supposed to be a day off, but I played cardio tennis and then 2 sets of doubles.  I'm feeling good.  Tonight, I'm supposed to some interval work.  I'll post on it when I finish.  I was 230.0 lbs. the last time I weighed before Monday, and as of this morning I'm 225.8 lbs.

Full stats from Monday's 3 miles:
3.03 miles
523 kCals

Will update later.



Tallahassee Half Marathon time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2011

Hello everyone. 

I've been pretty busy of late, as you may be able to tell from the lack of updates.  I have a few runs to log, but I'll get those in next post.  For the time being, however, I want to post my twenty-'leb'n resolutions (I know I'm late - sue me).
  1. Log 1,100 miles.
  2. Run a race at each of the five standard distances: 5k, 10k, 10-miler, half-marathon, marathon.
  3. Become a licensed attorney in Virginia.
  4. Make Dean's List the last semester in law school.
  5. Drop to 190 lbs.
  6. Score no less than 270 on the APFT.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Best. Idea. Ever.

Hi everyone.

So I was disappointed in how my runs were turning out, even considering the relative success of the last one, and started thinking about potential root causes.  I was getting tired early and running slowly.  I couldn't breathe right and my foot-strike was off.  I've been running like a really uncoordinated person recently, and it got to me.  I started thinking and realized that maybe the reason I run better with Dylan is that she's talking to me.  It differs from when I run with music because if the tempo of the song changes, or the song changes without seamlessly transitioning into my foot-strike tempo, it throws me off.  I'm again not thinking about the run, but about the conversation, which makes it easier.  Yet, I've run without any music or company, which left my mind to wander, and that's not good because I would focus on my inadequacies, further feeding my self-consciousness and self-doubt and ultimately throwing off the run.  Thus, an experiment.

If running with a partner is more effective in large part because of the nature of conversational or spoken aural stimuli, as opposed to musical or ambient aural stimuli, then running while listening to audiobooks will, at least ostensibly, recreate the benefit of running with a partner, while further allowing me to focus on what the spoken word imparts without having to generate conversation in return.

I purchased two audiobooks, Emerson on Nature: The Environmental Philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Making our Democracy Work: A Judge's View by Justice Stephen Breyer.  On my way out the door, I asked my mom which one I should listen to, and she looked disgusted at my utter dorkdom, then half-heartedly suggested Emerson on Nature, so I went with it.  My left foot departed the front porch at 11:24 pm, and off I went, a fairly long route in mind, but noting that it was subject to change depending on what feedback I got from my body as I ran.

11.01 miles
1 hr, 49 minutes
9:54/mile pace (fastest ever over 5 miles) 
Emerson on Nature audiobook
1,800 kcals (yes, I'm serious - I burned a day's worth of kcals on my run tonight)

Audiobooks FTW.
I'll be hella sore tomorrow.
Dylan is really slacking off on this nickname thing.

I've decided that I will be soliciting mp3s to be made by certain people close to me, each 8-12 minutes in length, comprised of a one-sided conversation, a soliloquy perhaps, but most likely a simple monologue.  I will compile these into a playlist for the race.  I have but two rules: 1) they cannot be depressing in any way, and 2) they must encourage me to keep running a couple of times throughout the monologue.  The monologue need not be encouraging as a whole, but must not be discouraging, and must include some encouraging elements, in other words.  I may experiment with this form of aural stimuli before the race, and if it doesn't work, it's back to Emerson on Nature or Making our Democracy Work, whichever helps me most between now and 6FEB.  If you'd like to volunteer for this not inauspicious endeavor, please don't hesitate.  I will take all comers.  I must now, unfortunately, go ice my knees and ankles and try to get some sleep.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick update

Hey everyone/nobody,

Excited!  My RoadID came in the mail today, along with my technical, moisture-wicking, reflective running hat.  I haven't run since my last update, unfortunately.  My legs were killing me Tuesday, and yesterday was pretty busy, especially considering that I took a few hours out of my evening (prime running time, by the way) to teach an ex, in whom I'm still interested, how to play guitar.  She's sort of seeing someone, but whatever happens happens (que sera sera?).  I'm probably not going running tonight, but I feel really bad about it, which is good, I guess (?).  My aunt and uncle are in town visiting the family and we're heading next door to my grandparents' house for dinner in a bit, after which I'll probably be teaching another guitar lesson.  I have an edit to finish and a movie to watch (The Road, adapted from Cormac McCarthy's stellar post-apocalyptic novel of the same name and starring Viggo Mortensen (sp?)) tonight, so it'll be a late night.  I may even find time to ruminate on my running development sans-partner.  If so, you'll see it here.

Until next time,


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sorry for the hiatus

Everybody everybody!

Ok, so it has been a while since my last post for several reasons: exams, exams, more exams, a death in the family, and Christmas preparation.  Dylan has been falling behind on nicknames of late, which is disheartening because they started off great, got weird, then kinda tailed off.  Oh well - she's probably busy.  I haven't talked to her much since I left Oxford.  Before I get to my runs, I want to talk about what I was able to do last Tuesday night after my last exam.

I got to cook.  So excited!  I decided I was going to make a relatively healthy, holiday-themed meal for a few friends.  I invited Dylan (and told her she could bring a friend if she wanted) and my law school buddy Sam.  Dylan brought her friend Courtney - she's a sweet girl from Dallas, as well as a soccer player - and we had a good time.  I made four items:
  1. Venison sausage braised in winter ale and apple juice, with a sauce made from bbq sauce, sriracha, apple juice, soy sauce, maple syrup, and worcestershire sauce
  2. Sweet potato compote (my late great-grandmother's recipe), with pineapple, sugar, bourbon and rosemary
  3. Swiss red chard (green and red) sauteed in olive oil, sriracha, apple juice and orange juice
  4. Granny smith apple & black grapes, poached in sweet vermouth, with cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint, rosemary, orange juice, and mounted with butter
Cooking makes me feel good about myself, in part because I'm good at it, and in part because it gives me an opportunity to have friends over.  My guests apparently enjoyed the food and the company, which always makes me happy.  The next day, I left Oxford for home (Brookhaven) and haven't been back since.

Thursday was a difficult day for me.  I was honored to be a pall bearer in the funeral of my great-grandmother (of sweet potato compote renown).  She was 103, and her passing was a relief, since she'd fallen the previous week and shattered her hip, and because of her age and frailty, she was not a surgical candidate.  Therefore, she was either heavily sedated or in severe pain.  It was a lovely service and I got to see cousins and extended family again, which is nice.

I have logged three runs since I got back (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday), to-wit:

Saturday, 11DEC2010
1.98 miles
24 minutes
solo run
music: workout mix on my iPod
234 kcals

Terrible run.  I'd just eaten, was congested, and kinda tired.  Chest pains and the inability to breathe forced the run to end earlier than anticipated.  It left me very frustrated.  It was very humid, and a bit on the warm side, but that shouldn't have had such an effect.  I decided I wasn't going to run shortly after eating lunch anymore, and I was going to see what I could do about this congestion.  It led me to...

4.13 miles
42 minutes
solo run
music: workout mix on my iPod
631 kcals

Decent run.  Chest still hurt a bit, and it was another afternoon run just after lunch.  Pushed through the chest pain and got a few miles in.  Had to cut it short for scheduling reasons.  The temp finally dropped and I got some Afrin to clear me up.  Pretty uneventful.  Got caught up in the music.  No real progress to report.

6.35 miles
solo run
music: workout mix on my iPod
961 kcals

Great run.  Really cold (28 & windy) & I got started late (left the house at 9:34 pm).  Since it's hard to find sidewalks in Brookhaven, I've decided to start running late at night so that there's less traffic and I can run in the road.  I got out to a pretty good pace, but the cold was burning my lungs so I had to slow down a bit, if only to slow my breathing.  I didn't have a route in mind when I left, and it sort of grew organically from the run itself as I listened to my body.  Got in some hills and ran through my old neighborhood.  Went out of the way to check out this house that has lights which coordinate to songs on the radio (they do it to raise money for multiple sclerosis or muscular dystrophy - I can't remember), but it was off for the night. 

I started to get cold, since I had begun to break a good sweat, and my feet started to hurt/go numb because I was wearing socks I'd worn a couple of times since I washed them.  I started to repeat the phrase "one more" over and over again.  I don't know why.  I don't know what I meant by it: one more what?  Step?  Block?  Minute?  Mile?  Then what? 

Chanting my nonsensical new-found mantra, I found myself near the church my family attends, and as I rounded a corner, crossing the street to the left side, a truck roared up from behind me, on the left (wrong) side of the road, and as I scrambled to avoid becoming his next hood ornament, I rolled my ankle.  It hurt and swelled up a little almost immediately, so I stopped running and walked about 1/4 of a mile.  "One more."  I started running, with a little limp, then I forgot about it. 

I started thinking about what I had decided to put on the RoadID I had ordered for myself as an early Christmas present/safety device.  It's a bracelet that contains vital information in case you're injured or pass out or something while running, and it gives you several lines in which to enter the information and one line for a motivational phrase or something.  I chose "Run for those who can't" to be my motivational phrase, drawing on the inspiration from Maggie & Alicia.  When I thought about them, then thought about my ankle, the radical insignificance of a rolled ankle was thrust into bright view.  I picked up the pace, noticed I wasn't winded or even really tired and that the only limiting factors at that moment were the cold, my numb feet, and my slightly uncomfortable ankle, and poured it on. 

I finished my run with a dead sprint over the last 1/2 mile or so, culminating in a sharp, though short, hill just before I reached my house.  I realized that running solo is a bit harder than running with a partner, especially one as motivating and enabling as Dylan, but I also realized that I would be running the Tallahassee Half without Dylan, and likely without knowing a soul there, so I would need to get used to it.  It's going to take some work to become so self-reliant, but I'll get there.  At the end of the day, I have to drag my own ass out of bed, put on my shoes (which tonight crossed the 100-mile mark!), and get out there and run.  I can't rely on someone else making me do it.  I have to do it for myself.  Which reminds me - you may notice that I ran three days in a row.  I haven't done that before.  Pretty excited about it.  I didn't mean to do it, it just happened.  I ran when I was motivated to run, and I was motivated on three consecutive days.  I intend to run tomorrow, but we'll have to see how my legs are feeling.  Right now, they're mush.  I think a hot bath, some Icy-Hot, and maybe a good rub-down will help a lot.  We'll see. 

I'm pretty excited about tonight's run, and I want to see how I progress without Dylan.  Your predictions/thoughts?  Be honest!


Friday, December 3, 2010

2DEC2010: "apple dumplin"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

There are things which cannot be outrun

Here is a brief list of things with which I'm dealing and from which I cannot run:
  1. Federal Jurisdiction - I'm kinda losing my mind about it because it isn't even a coherent body of law.  It's just a bunch of somewhat related topics that all deal tangentially with suing the government in federal courts.  The exam is tomorrow and I'll be pulling an all-nighter tonight, I can already tell.
  2. Constitutional Law II - I'll only have one day to devote to it, my professor covers tons of material, and we only have two topics: freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  This sounds like a good thing, but keep in mind that in law school, exams are like the ocean - the deeper you go, the more pressure there is.
  3. Life post-Alicia - I know that a lot of my writing has been about dealing with life without her, but what I've come to understand is that I can't run from life without her, but toward life after her.
  4. Uncertainty - I'm still waiting to hear back from the Army about what they're going to decide my job will be for the next few years.  I just need to get comfortable with uncertainty though.
Well, I need to get back to studying.  No running until after exams, probably.  I may go tomorrow after my Federal Jurisdiction exam to clear my head or something.  I'll keep you posted.



apparently, no nickname.  :(

Also, I came to a depressing realization today: I spent so much time with Alicia when I was at Hampden-Sydney that I didn't spend enough time getting really close to my friends.  Now, I'm not nearly as close to my Betas, cadets, & ruggers as I would like to be, and it's lost for naught.  Wonderful.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30NOV2010 - Cupcake.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long wet run

8.82 miles.
1 hr, 36 minutes.
Run w/ Dylan.
1,442 kcals.
Nickname: Eros.  She's getting a little weird.

Today, the weather in Oxford was unpleasant at best.  Some, including The Weather Channel, would call it severe.  The rains came, and when I say they came, boy did they come.  Shortly before we ran, Dylan and I were sitting in FCA and could hear the wind and rain outside.  We looked at each other, considered canceling, and decided to soldier forth, as it were.  After a long day of studying, however, and having blown off a social hour for my Criminal Appeals Clinic (our professor took the class out to a bar and bought drinks for us) in order to study, I took the time to go to FCA and go for my run. 

It was pouring when I went into the law school to change, but it had stopped when I came out.  The temperature had risen and it was extremely humid.  We started running, talking about the holidays and my theory that, to a certain extent, the study of mathematics & science requires less stringent intellectual engagement than the study of traditional liberal arts.  The conversation evolved into discussions of the theoretical nature of colors and perception, the potential advances of stem-cell research in light of recent developments, and that led us to talking about Todd Miller.

I'm willing to bet that none of you know of Todd Miller.  Todd was a rugby player at Longwood University - in fact, he was THE rugby player at Longwood.  Longwood was always one of the best teams in the country, and Todd was their best player.  He was a true rugger - lived and breathed the game.  In the fall of 2007, Todd was playing in a match against VMI, and a VMI player in a ruck accidentally stepped on the side of Todd's head, unknowingly puncturing Todd's skull.  Todd got up, said he felt dizzy, and went to the sideline.  He came back in at the half, played a few minutes, and collapsed.  He was taken to the hospital just down the road, and was comatose by the time they put him in the chopper to airlift him to Richmond.  He died a few days later from complications from brain swelling and cerebral hemorrhage.  Todd would've been heartbroken to find that some people stopped playing rugby in the wake of his death, a fact I communicated to my mother when she asked me to stop playing.  I still play every now and then, but it's out of respect for Todd and out of love for the game.

Our conversation drifted from art to race strategy to current social affairs, and I came to realize what Dylan's role actually was.  Sure, she's my running partner and she pushes me to keep going and to go faster, but that's not the most important service she provides.  What makes her invaluable in my running is that she's a stellar conversationalist, and when I'm thinking about our myriad and variegated conversation topics, I'm not thinking about my burning lungs, my aching knees, my splitting side, or my sore ankles.  I keep the conversation going because it's interesting, and when I'm keeping the conversation going, I'm keeping the run going.  She has an uncanny ability to sense when my motivation or focus is flagging, respond, and immediately kick-start a new wind for me.  Not only does she run slightly ahead of me, shaming me into trying to keep up, she is always sure to speak over her shoulder at me to ensure that I hear her (she knows my hearing kinda sucks). 

The other side of that coin, therefore, is that much of what she provides me is far simpler a benefit: with my brother gone to England for study abroad and my relative inability to generate my own companions, she has fast become my best friend in Oxford.  She's like a little sister who can kick my ass.  She of course doesn't replace my actual little sister, but she's like a sister nonetheless.  She makes me miss my sister, oddly enough, but that's another discussion for another day.

The run was great, though.  We got a few short bursts of rain, each of which was cleansing and invigorating, providing a new burst of energy.  While I'm not so sure now (a few hours after the fact), I felt at the time that I could have run a couple more miles, but I told myself that Dylan would be overtraining as it is, and to push a few extra would be inconsiderate, given that she ran a 10-miler on Thursday, ran 7 miles this morning, and lifted today.  I'm exhausted now, and a bit sore, but super-pumped about the run.  I needed it for my confidence, and quite frankly, I'm getting to the point where I feel bad if I don't run for a few days.  It's an addiction, like lifting was for a while.  This is an exciting development. 

On that note, I realize it's 1:54 am, and I have to get up to study in the morning, so I'll be drawing this to a close.  Until next time, keep doing you.


Monday, November 29, 2010

New nickname

28NOV2010 - Balto

No idea why.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

New nicknames

I thought I'd share this with you guys.  Dylan, in an attempt to combat my flagging post-Alicia self-esteem, has taken it upon herself to give me a new complimentary nickname each day.  I'll be including them in posts from now on.  It began on Thanksgiving Day, so I'll post those I've received thus far, and as I update this blog, I'll include the new ones.

25NOV2010 - 200 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal
26NOV2010 - sparkling sapphire eyes
27NOV2010 - carrot-topped angel

Some of them are kinda strange, but she said they'd get better as time goes on.  This should be interesting.


Run/Walk in Brookhaven

4.54 miles.
55 minutes.
Running with my sister.
527 kcals burned (I'm going to go back and add this data to the previous posts)

Friday afternoon, I was watching the Auburn-Alabama game, and when Auburn failed to convince me that they had brought their starters, I decided I'd rather go for a run than watch the SEC's hopes of a national championship crumble.  I took my 13-year-old soccer-playing sister with me.

We started out running in Brookhaven, and I was reminded of the odd and conspicuous lack of sidewalks in town.  It is very frustrating, but I just had to adapt, right?

It's fun running with my sister because she and I have a lot in common and we talk about things very important to us.  She's having a rough time in Brookhaven for the same reason I did: the town is one of cliques, which are based on very superficial (though not always physical) reasons - money, willingness to humiliate others, social status, etc.).  She is, like I was, unwilling to sacrifice being true to herself, unwilling to go along with bullying, etc., and it has hurt her socially.  The movie Mean Girls is not an exaggeration.  Life is hellish for her, and my heart breaks for her.

She is such a great kid - she works hard, she tries her hardest to do what's right, and she sticks up for those who can't defend themselves, either because of a lack of social power or the fact that they're just the new kid.  She is very powerful among her peers, despite the fact that she has trouble socially.  She has friends, and they're very important to her, but the girls who aren't her friends are so mean to her that her friends are unable to make up the difference.

My dad doesn't help, either.  He doesn't mean to, and it's just the way his father treated my aunt, but he closes her out.  They fight constantly.  She isn't perfect, and not all of the blame is his.  He's very idiosyncratic, and AnnaRachel doesn't comply with his idiosyncrasies, which drives him nuts.  She's loud when he needs quiet.  She has very bad timing in terms of approaching him for conversation.  For example, he has a few TV shows he watches religiously.  He'll work all day, come home and cook dinner (he loves to cook - I think I get my passion for cooking from him), and will watch one of his shows.  With five minutes left, she'll come and try to start an involved conversation with him.  He's sedate, quiet, reserved, etc., and she's a 13-year-old girl: boisterous, emotional, outspoken, etc.  She has gotten to the point where she doesn't see him as someone to whom she can go with problems.  She doesn't see him as a father figure anymore, but someone to be avoided.  And I can understand that: he and I had our share of fights from about age 12-20.  I'm reminded of an old joke:

When I was 16, my dad was the dumbest man alive.
When I was 24, my dad was the smartest man I'd ever met.
I was amazed to see how much he learned in those 8 years.

I can see why they fight - they're exact opposites.  The beauty of it is this: she is, in many ways, exactly like him.  They're both head-strong, determined, incredibly intelligent, caring, considerate, intuitive, instinctive, successful, athletic, soccer-loving, aggressive, talented, well-read (relative to their ages/peers), brave, selfless, grateful, humble, passionate, and thoughtful.  In short, I think that she is exactly what he was at her age, and that she will be a lot like him at his age.  They're two of my favorite people, and it kills me that they fight.

As we ran (and in fact, whenever we got to talk all week - this post includes our conversations all week, not just the one during the run), she poured her heart out.  We talked about her troubles in school (not academically - she's the smartest of the 3 kids), her troubles with Dad, her soccer team, and everything else that came into mind.  We had to stop and walk from time to time for several reasons: she hasn't been running long-distance and couldn't keep up (understandable - she's 13), she was cold (the temp dropped about 20 degrees during the run), and because her ankle was sore (I think she rolled it early in the run).  I gave her my running cap because she was getting cold, which had a convenient side effect for me.  Since I didn't have a sweat-wicking cap, I had sweat pouring down my face for most of the run, which hid the tears pouring down my cheeks.  I hate that life is hard for her right now, because she deserves the best of everything.

I realized we all run away from something and toward something else, whether that run is actual or metaphorical.  She runs away from her peers and toward a time/place where she'll be accepted for being herself.  She runs away from the trouble she has with her father toward a time where they'll get along (she's convinced that if she just works hard enough to make her proud of her - academically, athletically - they'll have a better relationship).  She runs away from her low self-esteem and the causes of her self-image and toward a better self-concept and a time where she'll be able to make people like her.  She's a pleaser - she wants everyone to be happy with her, and she's willing to be unhappy to make that happen, but she's not willing to live a lie or do the wrong thing.  She doesn't realize that she's a far better kid than either of her brothers, and she has no idea that while the present may very well suck for her, a time will come when her gifts and characteristics will be respected and loved by her peers.  She has a short-term view of herself, and she doesn't realize that when she grows up, she's going to be a great person.  She doesn't realize that because she doesn't realize that she's already a great person.

More after my next run.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick update

Last night, I played tennis instead of running.  I got a good workout in, which is to say I sweated for over an hour.  I played 2 sets and a super-tiebreak.  The first set didn't go so well (my partner and I lost 6-0 in about 30 minutes), but the second was a bit more competitive.  We won 7-5 and I served for the set.  We were playing on clay, so it was a little harder to get my game going and it was hard to run, turn, and stop effectively, but I had a good time, and like I said, I broke a sweat for a while.  I've spent all day today trying to finish editing this article, and won't be able to make it out for a run tonight, but I'm going tomorrow and I've got a 6.65 mile route planned out.  Hopefully, I'll be able to convince my sister, a budding soccer player, to run some of that with me and maybe ride a bike for the rest of it to keep my company.  We'll see. 


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update on the weekend and a run in Brookhaven

So Dallas was a blast.  We didn't advance to the top 4, but we beat a pretty good SMU team and I think we lost our second round to South Texas, which is a national powerhouse.  I loved it - the judge in the round where I was actually being a lawyer told me that the only reason he didn't grant my motion for directed verdict (which, for all you non-lawyers/non-law students, is where the judge decides that one side didn't even put up enough evidence to let the jury decide the case) was that this was a competition and people were going to be graded on their closing arguments, and if he granted the MDV, they wouldn't get to make them.  It made me happy.  The judges told me after the round that I seemed like I had tried hundreds of cases before, which also made me happy.

After we found out we didn't advance, we went out and got some good food, then went to a bar.  It was a pretty rough night, but the next morning (Sunday), we got up, checked out of The Adolphus - a GREAT hotel - and drove two of the guys on my team, Greg Whibbs and Caleb Koonce, to the airport to catch their early flights.  After that, our coach, a Memphis attorney named Edd (USNA '93), my other teammate, Aaron Rice (USMC, Purple Heart winner), and I drove around looking for something to do until it was time to go to the airport to catch our own flights.  We ended up in Grapevine, Texas, a cool, kitschy little suburb.  We ate at Main Street Bakery, and I got a currant-mushroom soup with a panini of Bosc pears, prosciutto, and brie, and some coffee.  We ate outside, on the sidewalk of Main Street, talked about war, politics, philosophy, life as a lawyer and life in general, and had a great time people-watching.  I even got a quick run in (about a mile).

Now, I'm back in Brookhaven.  I got in this afternoon, ate dinner with my parents, and went for a run. 

4.16 miles.
44 minutes.  Solo. 
Music: Coheed & Cambria, with some Better Than Ezra and Chris Cornell thrown in.
661 kcals

I didn't feel good, but it was nice to run in Brookhaven again, despite the fact that for some reason there are no sidewalks here.  I'm still mulling over some things in my head about how I'm changing, so I'll leave those be for the time being.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Recovery Run

2.14 miles
24 minutes.
Running w/ Dylan.
360 kcals.

So sore.  My hamstrings felt like ropes dipped in kerosene.  I was very tired, but I wanted to get up and burn off a little more stress, while getting in a slow run to keep my muscles loose.  Still very sore, so I'm gonna get a shower and finish packing for Dallas.


Long run today

8.43 miles.
1 hr, 31 minutes.
Solo run.
Music: a mix of Flogging Molly, Jay-Z w/ Linkin Park, and Nine Inch Nails
1,361 kcals.

You read correctly.  This is, by a decent amount, the farthest I've ever run.  It was cold today, and I just got new cold gear, so I was giving it a test run.  I was wearing a Saucony cold-weather wicking cap, a Puma cold-gear wicking technical shirt (long sleeves), New Balance running tights, and some Drymax cold-wear socks.  I had some Asics gloves, but I didn't wear them.  The only problem I had was that my right sock kept bunching up under my toes and my right foot kept going numb.  Other than that, it was a great run.  I probably could have kept going, but my left knee was starting to get a little tender.  As far as cardiovascular endurance is concerned, I wasn't having trouble continuing the run, which is very exciting.  I'm going to refrain from my analysis in this post, because while I'm pretty pumped about the run, I'm very, very tired now and I need to go to sleep.  I'll be going to Dallas this weekend for a trial competition in labor and employment law.  I'm taking my gear and plan on running around downtown Big D Sunday morning.  Tomorrow, Dylan and I will be running together, but it's going to be a shorter recovery run to ease my nerves for the weekend.  Wish me luck!


Monday, November 15, 2010

No run tonight

Hey everybody/nobody. I won't be running tonight, due to a combination of things: I'm still quite sore from the weekend, my leg is still healing from its cheese-grater-like wound (Dylan said it was specifically not a wound, but a "battle scar" because I got it going for a D (defensive play)), it's really cold and I haven't gotten any winter weather running gear yet (early Christmas present? - although I'm ordering some online right now), and I've got a lot of work to do tonight. I'll try to go tomorrow night after my trial in Criminal Trial Practice.

I've been thinking a lot about what I'm doing. Why am I running? I realized that I have no real limitations to my ability to do anything. I'm relatively healthy, smart, mature (at times, anyway), and well-adjusted. I work hard. I have everything I need. There are others, however, who aren't as lucky, yet they still work hard, they still succeed. Ever since I signed up for the Tallahassee Half, I've tried to figure why I did it. I think I did it because I have no excuse not to. I'm inspired to keep going by those who did until they fell or those who continue to do so. They don't have the same opportunities I do, and yet they continue to fight or fought until they couldn't anymore.

Therefore, I'm making it official.

I'm dedicating my training and my run in the Tallahassee Half to two people whose battles with cancer inspire me daily: Maggie Cupit and the late Alicia Jean Glueckert.

Maggie is a friend of mine from back home who fought Ewing's Sarcoma for a while and beat it, but she's now just fighting the complications from chemotherapy and the effects of an embattled immune system. She has done so with a smile and a joke. She has the best attitude of anyone I've ever met. I'm not talking about just people who are really sick and fighting terrible diseases - I mean to say that she has a better attitude on a daily basis, in everyday life, than any other person I've ever met. And she kept this attitude while fighting bone cancer in her knee. She hasn't been able to walk for a long time now, but she'll run the Half with me.

Mrs. Glueckert is Alicia's mom. She won her battle with ovarian cancer about 23 years ago, and won her battle with brain cancer about 8 years ago. She was boisterous, rambunctious, fun-loving, funny, sweet, considerate, and loving. She loved dancing to country music and small children (she was a teaching assistant in an elementary school). She lost her battle with osteosarcoma in January 2010. She fought hard, and she kept her wit as long as she could. She would go out of her way to make me feel welcome - once, I was in town (Ashburn, VA) judging a high school debate tournament on the Friday night before Spring Break. It happened to be St. Patrick's Day, apparently her favorite holiday and definitely one of mine. The plan was to get up Saturday, judge all day, then drive to Long Island, where Alicia and I, along with a few friends, were going to spend the week. When I finally finished judging Friday night, I went back to Alicia's house about 11 o'clock, where Mrs. Glueckert was waiting with a hot plate of corned beef and cabbage to celebrate the holiday. She'd saved some from dinner and kept it hot for me, so I could have a traditional Irish meal on St. Patty's Day. She was a special lady, to say the least. Though she's gone, she isn't forgotten, and she'll run the Tallahassee Half with me as well.

Maggie and Mrs. Glueckert are going to be running with me on 6FEB2011 because I'm designing a running shirt to wear in the race. It will incorporate their names, favorite colors, and a few symbols with which they closely identify. Thus far, I'm thinking it will be a green shirt with hot pink lettering & symbols. If anyone wants one, let me know before 1DEC2010.

I just hope I can do them justice.